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What is it?

The AI Waste Minimizer is an automated system that intelligently orders food and beverages based on data-driven insights. This approach significantly reduces the wastage of food and beverages by ensuring that orders are precisely aligned with actual demand and consumption patterns.
Less food wasted on average 50%
Increased profit margins 6-8 %

How we do this?

We train algorithms with your POS system data to predict ordering needs. Our Al then automatically contacts suppliers for the items required to optimally serve your guests.

Wat will this bring you?

"From Waste to Wealth: Anticipating a 50% Reduction with an 8% Profit Surge."

By implementing these measures, waste reduction will increase 50%, and profit margins are expected to increase by 8%.

Extra Advantages: Enhanced focus on delivering top-quality food and beverages due to reduced administrative tasks!

Next step?

• Gather data from the POS or other systems.
• Comprehend the procedures surrounding food and beverages.
• Implement the solution at the Four Seasons Doha and conduct the pilot program


Peter Kornaat

Co-Founder Expanding Experts

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